Abbot Kinney

For those wishing to party like it's 1993 comes Abbot Kinney, a new band that (despite its ocean-side name) has been making waves on the East LA circuit for a while now. Their sound is unique to the Angelino scene; belonging neither with the art rockers emerging from downtown, nor the easygoing hipsters of Silverlake. Despite the fact that the 80s revival is somehow still trucking (The Killers, Crystal Castles), with a step back to the psychedelic 70s on its tail (MGMT, Beach House), Abbot Kinney has decided to move the jam session forward a few years. The band invokes a sound that culls from early 90s college radio, with The Pixies and "Pablo Honey" era Radiohead as specific influences, though the guys could hardly be called a throwback group, as they check the irony and self-sympathy of Generation X at the door. In its place is an Obama-era (an awesome and only slightly cloying thing to type) earnestness that showcases "emotion", while never succumbing to that word's first three letters. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.