Behind the project Elgar lurks an old man of Italian and European dance scene: the Piedmont DJ and producer Maurizio D'Ambrosio, a regular in the charts during the nineties; in the guise of Mephisto, Positive Pole and MD, churning out numerous hits, such as "State Of Mind" (1993), "You Got Me Burnin' Up" (1995), "Voices", "Mystery (Of Love)" and "Waitin' for Love", danced a lot also in France and Scandinavia. D'Ambrosio created Elgar by accident when a 33RPM disc recording of Billie Holiday (fell on him in the basement of his brother) is run at 45, instead of 33. The beautiful voice of Billie singing "How Am I To Know" (a live recording dated 1944), is transformed into a childish peep, accelerated and distorted: like a charm, enchants the heart of the producer who decides to sample it. From New York comes the okay from the label of the legendary singer Elgar and may finally come to life the single: "Sweetie Pie" mixed in the study of Verbania in collaboration with Xelius (sound engineer and musician). Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.