There are several artists who share the name of Pandora: 1. Pandora is a swedish Eurodance singer (Most Scrobblings on Last.Fm). Her real name is Anneli Magnusson and was born on June 20, 1970, in Västerås. Pandora was most popular during the 1990's. 2. A Grunge Female-Fronted Band from Aachen/Germany. (please redirect to Pandora's Bliss ) Pandora's Bliss (formerly Pandora ) is a Rock Band founded in 2006, which has become known for its rough, energetic songs and performances. The band gained a name throughout Europe and has given more than 250 concerts worldwide, two studio albums and several music videos. The style of the band is often associated with the Seattle sound of the 1990s. To recognize many parallels to bands like Nirvana , L7 , Mudhoney and the Riot Grrrl scene, whereas often gloomy, heavy straight on the last album metal-heavy riffs are played. 3. Progressive Rock band from Italy: Pandora 4. Pandora is a metal band from Gillingham, Kent. Pandora formed in the summer of 2006 as a five piece metal band from the South East. After a number of line up changes and a few years worth of growing up, the band you now hear are dedicated to writing great songs we're proud of. 5.Drum & bass dj from Vienna. She mainly specifies in Jungle sounds. 6. Group from Crete Il. 7. Prog band from Sweden ("Measures of time", 1974). Some info here. 8. Glam rock band from New York. 9. Unsigned rock band from Guildford, Surrey, England. Click these links for more info: Pandora MySpace, Pandora Official Site 10. A rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. ( 11. A post-hardcore/ metalcore band from South West England. ( 12. Pandora (판도라) is a K-pop girl group. There are 5 members and Kaerin is the leader. Their debut single "Open Pandora's Box" was released in March. 13. Pandora is a female Mexican singing trio. 14. Pandora is a Melodic Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock band from Split, Croatia. ( The cult melodic metal outfit from Split, "Pandora" successfuly combine heavy metal and hard rock oriented musicianship with the sort of melodic vocals that are as broad in range as they are in emotion. Formed by Dean Clea and Goran Radan, in Split, Dalmatia in 1994., with only one thing on their minds and in their hearts and souls: making a great songs with complex and interesting arrangement, of course always under the sun of the melodic rock/metal. Pandora's music has organically evolved without jumping on any current band wagon. Trend-hopping is not now, and never has been, the Pandora's trip. "We're about songs and playing our instruments," says Dean, "We couldn't care less about trends. After all, isn't rock 'n' roll is supposed to be about individuality? Doing what you want and not letting anyone fuck with your art form? Or, what's maybe even worse, being enslaved by a fad that someone else started?" In period from 1994. to 2001. band recorded one album "Moje Iluzije" ("My Illusions") in 1999. and countless demo recordings, and played numerous gigs indeed. Then band in 2002. went on indefinite hiatus, becouse Dean Clea join the full blown "Osmi Putnik" reunion. Four years later , it's time to ressurect this melodic monster from the sleep. As you read this, Pandora is working hard in the studio on the new, 3 CD box set! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.