There is more than one artist with this name: 1) REIGN is a Tokyo(東京) based Japanese visual kei band . The Leader of REIGN is 郁磨-ikuma-, alongside with drummer KAJI, who were previously in アンド together . Before REIGN become an official band , they were performing as a session band called かじっぃくま from July 2013 until the end of October. They then became an official band, REIGN, and began activities on the 9th of November 2013 at TAKADANOBABA AREA (高田馬場AREA). REIGN Members : Vocal : 郁磨-ikuma- (ex. ジゼル → ブロッケン → ブロッケンjr → アンド → かじっぃくま) Guitar : ナギ-nagi- (ex. かじっぃくま -support-) Guitar : TANO(ex. RED universe → METEOROID -support- → かじっぃくま -support-) Bass : 龍史-ryuzi-(ex. S.Q.F. → かじっぃくま -support-) Drums : KAJI(ex. アンド → かじっぃくま) REIGN Discography : 2014.01.31 「【疑惑】」(1st Maxi Single) 2014.04.16 「【究明】」(2nd Maxi Single) REIGN official website REIGNTUBE official youtube channel 2) Reign is 90s death / thrash edge somewhere between Slayer and Morbid Angel, Reign toured the UK and Europe relentlessly from 1992 1999. We released three full length CD’s Embrace, Exit Clause and Control Over Anger during that time after having been one of the better known acts on the early 1990s demo circuit. The US releases of both Embrace and Exit Clause were heavily support by US independent radio and Exit Clause charted on the CMJ Loud Radio charts for an awesome twenty weeks. Reign shared stages with many diverse acts such as At The Gates, Napalm Death, Entombed, Sick of It All, Carcass and Cradle of Filth. We like to think we made an impact. Anyone who saw us will remember some goddamn intense chaotic live shows. Since we ain’t huge on self-proclamation, we hope that the above captions give you some flavor of what Reign was all about. Check out the tracks on this site if you like them, then message us. Wed love to hear from you. Track down the CD’s and KICK SOME SHIT. 3) Reign is a rap artist. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.