The Drugstore Cowboys

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This 2-piece electrohardcorehiphop pop trash collective,The Drugstore Cowboys from Washington, DC, are known for their antics. “Everyone always said we were too showy in our older bands. We think that’s hilarious, I mean you come to a show to see a show, but we’re too showy...hypocrisy my friends.” Says Jeff Scott, one half of the trainwreck. Philippe Andreas adds “If they thought that our other band together The Surgery was showy then Jesus Christ, they’re in for an awakening.” From the ashes of such bands as: The Get Down, Last Day Massacre, Modern Makeup, and The Surgery, these 2 bright-eyed youngsters are here to set the mood at the party and bring a gush to your eye at the exact same time. “Music’s all about feeling, and if you know it’s for real and true you’ll feel it. And that’s what matters.” Jeff notes. “I love Three 6 Mafia and all the dirty souff stuff so why can’t I incorporate that along with hardcore and pop and whatever else I want to. If you know music then you know every-thing should be diverse.” Says Philippe. The Drugstore Cowboys are ready to take over every city in the world and you will be a part of it. “We want sing-a-longs, hugs, and hand holding at every show.” Philippe sites. “I don’t know about you but i go to a show to have’s all about fun man” Says Jeff. “Yeah the cheese parts are what makes it entertaining.” When asked about their sound they came up with a list that most bands would cringe about saying. “We take from everything from Botch, The Blood Broth-ers, Ghengis Tron, Postal Service, Cutlery, and Head Automatica to Britney Spears, Three 6 Mafia, Linkin Park, And H-I-M. We do it all man.” Says Jeff. Philippe adds ” Everything you thought you’d ever like or hate will be apart of your experience of The Drugstore Cowboys.” And their stage show proves it. Combining the raw energy of a Blood Brothers show with the overall dance party feel of a Head Automatica concert, these two definitely know how to bring it live. “We want you to feel every note that we play from start to finish, and we never let up” says the duo. It’s all about shaking your ass.” And shake your ass you will. If you would like to learn more about the Drugstore Cowboys please visit their myspace at Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.