• Terror Jr., Kylie Jenner, and Fantastic Music

    The band Terror Jr. has been getting some solid press lately with music conspiracy theorists suggesting Kylie Jenner is their lead singer after being featured in a Jenner promotional video for her lip kits products. Either way Terror Jr.

  • Electronic music duo, DROELOE, live at Melkweg Amsterdam December 16th

    Netherlands based DROELOE has put together quite a portfolio of electronic music with a growing following on soundcloud and a music video that will definitely get you thinking.

  • Diskopunk bumps dance beats that are straight fire

    Want some really great dance beats? Look no further than Stockholm-based Diskopunk.

  • Forndom lets you wander towards the worlds beyond ours

  • Fetty Wap to perform at KMEL Summer Jam in San Francisco!

    Hot off the press is the addition of Fetty Wap to the KMEL San Francisco Summer Jam on Jun 12th. For those who don’t know much about Fetty, here’s a quick intro to the creator of last year’s hit “Trap Queen”.

  • Bieber’s remix of “One Dance” by Drake offer’s a 1942 to Drake’s hennessey in hand.

    While this remix is solid and has the same contagious beat, it’s missing the frequency of that familiar Kyla chorus. Maybe it’s intended to be a Belieber special without interruption but if you listen to “One Dance” for the chorus you may be disappointed. Overall, really well done remix that will surely get plenty of radio play. Enjoy.

  • Where’d you get those moves? Concert dancing 101

    Dancing and music naturally go hand in hand and when at a concert it’s only polite to the artist to throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. Of course, dance has a range of moves for you to express yourself. If you are an avid concert goer you’ve probably seen it all but we thought we’d share a couple of our favorites. Please send us links to your favorites in the comments section.

  • The Types of People you see at a Concert

    Whether you're at Coachella, EDC, or even at a Justin Bieber show screaming your lungs out for him. You always seem to see a repetition of certain "characters". Theres only a handful of types these people fall into, I've been to a lot of concerts these past few years and have seem them all. From the guy that pretends he knows the lyrics to the couple thats always doing the nasty on the dance floor. But hey it wouldn't be as entertaining without these guys.

  • 9 Things you Didn't Know about Drake, aka Drizzy, aka Aubrey, aka Heartbreak Drake

    Some know him as Drake, some know him as Aubrey, actually he has a ton of nicknames you'll learn them all below ;) . Today we are going to spit some hard facts about Drake. Maybe you knew them all? Are you a Drake fanatic this post is just for you.

  • Pros and cons of crowd surfing at a Concert

    Have you been to a concert where a brave fan from the audience or the artist jumps on to the crowd below and is passed around? Have you ever been that fan or artist?