The Types of People you see at a Concert

Whether you're at Coachella, EDC, or even at a Justin Bieber show screaming your lungs out for him. You always seem to see a repetition of certain "characters". Theres only a handful of types these people fall into, I've been to a lot of concerts these past few years and have seem them all. From the guy that pretends he knows the lyrics to the couple thats always doing the nasty on the dance floor. But hey it wouldn't be as entertaining without these guys.

  • 1. The guy/girl that gets way too drunk.

  • 2. Some how they always end up naked

  • 3. The person that is injured, but that won't stop them from having a good time

  • 4. The parents that get dragged to the concert 5. The couple thats always making out....always... 6. The super fan thats always in the front row no mater how sweaty it is

    Are these types of people accurate or got any more? Say something in the comments below! :D

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